Glimpse into the Qafiya journey and the introduction to Qafiyati.


Presenting 'Qafiyati' – a unique opportunity through which you can co-create Ajmal’s Qafiya Fragrance for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – to be launched in Sha'aban of 2020!

After the successful launch of Ajmal’s Qafiya 01 and 02 in the UAE and Qafiya 03 and 04 in Kuwait, this will be a whole new chapter – with the launch of Qafiya KSA...and you can play a huge role in seeing this chapter unfold!

From inspiring us with the theme of the fragrance to designing the bottle cap and its packaging, it's you who will be using your Qafiyati and creativity to make it happen!

All this is in line with the very essence of Qafiya – a perfume that has been crafted with local pride, collaboration and community spirit...made by the people, for the people, of the people!

So, if you're above 16 years of age and residing in KSA, just click on and in a few easy steps get ready to become a winning creative spirit...come, show us your 'Qafiyati!'

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Start Dates

Participation: 23rd September 2019 to 19th October 2019

Shortlisting: 20th October 2019 to 23rd October 2019

Voting: 24th October 2019 to 30th October 2019

Winner Announcement: 31st October 2019